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Inspection Certificate of Weight 重量检验证书

Inspection Certificate of Origin 产地检验证书

Inspection Certificate of Value 价值检验证书

Inspection Certificate of Health 健康检验证书

Sanitary Inspection Certificate 卫生检验证书

Veterinary Inspection Certificate 兽医检验证书

Inspection Certificate 检验证明

Inspection Certificate of Quality 质量检验证书

Inspection Certificate of Quantity 数量检验证书

surveyor 检验行,公证行

Additional Words and Phrases其他相关词汇与短语

inspection of packing 包装检验

inspection of loading 监装检验

inspection of material 材料检验

inspection of risk 被保险物价的检查

inspection of storage 监装

inspection of voucher 凭证检验

inception of carriage 货车检查

inspection of document 单证检查

inspection of fixed asset 固定资产检查

inspection on cleanliness 清洁检验

inspection on cleanliness of dry cargo hold 干货舱清洁检验

inspection on cleanliness of tank 油舱清洁检验

inspection and acceptance 验收

inspection before delivery 交货前检验

inspection after construction 施工后检验

inspection during construction 在建工程检验

inspection between process 工序间检验

inspection report 检验报告

inspection tag 检查标签

Inspectorate General of Customs 海关稽查总局

inspection and certificate fee 检验签证费

to issuea certificate)发……(证明)

Sworn Measurer 宣誓衡量人

Underwriters Laboratory 保险商实验室

Lloyd's Surveyor 英国劳氏公证行

General Superintendence & Co Geneva S.G.S) 瑞士日内瓦通用签定后司

inspection of incoming merchandise 到货验收

Inspection Certificate on Damaged cargo 验残检验证书

Inspection Certificate on Tank 验船证书

Certificate of Measurement & Weight 货载衡量证书

Authentic Surveyor 公证签定人

reinspect 复验

reinspection 复验


协定 agreement
   议定书 protocol
    贸易协定 trade agreement
    贸易与支付协定 trade and payment agreement
    政府间贸易协定 inter-governmental trade agreement
    民间贸易协定 non-governmental trade agreement
    双边协定 bilateral agreement
    多边协定 multilateral agreement
    支付协定 payment agreement
    口头协定 verbal agreement
    书面协定 written agreement
    君子协定 gentlemen's agreement 
   销售合同 sales contract
    格式合同 model contract
    意向协议书 agreement of intent
    意向书 letter of intent
    空白格式 blank form
    授权书 power of attorney
    换文 exchange of letter
    备忘录 memorandum
    合同条款 contract terms
    免责条款 escape clause
    原文 original text
    译文 version
    措辞 wording正本 original
    副本 copy附录 attachment
    附件 appendix
    会签 to counter-sign
    违反合同 breach of contract

修改合同 amendment of contract
    撤销合同 cancellation of contract
    合同的续订 renewal of contract
    合同的解释 interpretation of contact
    合同到期 expiration of contract
    起草合同 to draft a contract
    做出合同 to work out a contract
    谈妥合同 to fix up a contract
    签订合同 to sign a contract
    缔结合同 to conclude a contract
    草签合同 to initial a contract
    废除合同 to annul a contract
    执行合同 to perform a contract
    严格遵守合同条款 to keep strictly to the terms of the contract
    一式二份 in duplicate
    一式三份 in triplicate
    一式四份 in quadruplicate


品质优良 excellent quality(high quality)

质量上乘 superior quality    

质量稳定 stable quality
    质量可靠 reliable quality
    品种繁多 wide varieties
    规格齐全 complete in specifications
    保质保量 quality and quantity assured
    性能可靠 dependable performance
    操作简便 easy and simple to handle
    使用方便 easy to use
    经久耐用 durable in use
    以质优而闻名 well-known for its fine quality
    数量之首 The king of quantity
    质量最佳 The queen of quality
    信誉可靠 reliable reputation
    闻名世界 world-wide renown
    久负盛名 to have a long standing reputation
    誉满中外 to enjoy high reputation at home and abroad
    历史悠久 to have a long history
    畅销全球 selling well all over the world
    深受欢迎 to win warm praise from customers
   制作精巧 skillful manufacture
    工艺精良 sophisticated technology
    最新工艺 latest technology
    加工精细 finely processed
    设计精巧 deft design
    造型新颖 modern design
    造型优美 beautiful design
    设计合理 professional design
    造型富丽华贵 luxuriant in design
    结构合理 rational construction
    款式新颖 attractive design
    款式齐全 various styles
    式样优雅 elegant shape
    花色入时 fashionable patterns
    任君选择 for your selection
   五彩缤纷 colorful
    色彩艳丽 beautiful in colors
    色泽光润 color brilliancy
    色泽素雅 delicate colors
    瑰丽多彩 pretty and colorful
    洁白透明 pure white and translucence
    洁白纯正 pure whiteness


The market is strong (强劲) / firm (坚稳) / exciting (活跃) / advancing (爬升) / healthy (健康).
    The market is weak (疲软) / soft (疲软) / easy (缓慢).
    The market is quite (静止) / calm (平静) / unchanged (不变) / steady (平稳)/ supported (平持)
    The market improves (好转) / picks up (扬升) / hardens (转趋坚俏) / stiffens (坚挺) / revives (复苏) / rebounds (反弹) / regains (恢复) / rallies (重振) .
    The market collapses (崩溃) / relaxes (疲软) .
    The market fluctuates (波动).
    The market advances.
    The market gains.
    The market rises.
    The market declines.
    The market falls.
    The market loses.
    The market booms.
    The market is excited.
    The market becomes active.
    The market becomes brisk.
    The market slumps.
    The market becomes dull.
    The market breaks down.
    The market is on the up grade.
    The market is on an upward trend.
    The market tends upward.
    The market is on the down grade.
    The market tends downward.
    The market is on a downward trend.
    The market takes downward.
    The market declines.
    The market drops.
    The market sags.
    The market jumps.
    The market advances.
    The market soars.


accepting bank承兑银行

accepting house承兑行

actual tare 实际皮重

actual weight 实际重量

ad valorem duty 从税价

ad valorem freight 从税运价

advice of shipment 装运通知,装船通知

air bill of lading 空运提单

air freight 空运费

air waybill 航空运单

airport of destination 目的地

Art. No. 货号

at sight 见票即付

authorized agent 指定的代理人

banker's bill 银行汇票

bearer 持票人

bill of lading 提单

booking list 定舱清单,装货定舱表

cargo in bulk 散装货

cargo insurance 货物运输保险

case No. 箱号

cash against bill of lading 凭提单付款

cash against delivery 货到付款

cash against shipping documents 凭单付款

cash and delivery 付款交货,货到付款

certificate of origin 产地证明书

certificate of quality 货物品质证书,质量证书

certificate of quantity 货物数量证明书,数量证书

CFR 成本加运费到.......

chargeable weight 计费重量

charges 费用

clean bill of lading 清洁提单

commission 佣金

commodity code 商品编码

compensation 赔偿,补偿

complaint 投诉

conditions of carriage 货运条件

confirmation 确认

confirmed credit 保兑信用证

confirming bank 保兑银行

confirming house 保付商行

consignee 收货人

consignee's address 收货人地址

consignment agent 寄售代理人

价格术语trade term (price term)    
    单价 price           
    总值 total value        
    卸货费landing charges  
    金额 amount         
    关税customs duty  
    净价 net price         
    印花税stamp duty  
    含佣价price including commission  
    回佣return commission   
    装运港port of shipment  
    折扣discount, allowance    
    卸货港port of discharge  
    批发价 wholesale price  
    目的港port of destination  
    零售价 retail price     
    进口许口证import licence  
    现货价格spot price     
    出口许口证export licence  
    期货价格forward price  
    现行价格(时价)current price/prevailing price  
    国际市场价格 world (International)Market price  
    离岸价(船上交货价)FOB-free on board  
    成本加运费价(离岸加运费价) C&F-cost and freight  
    到岸价(成本加运费、保险费价)CIF-cost, insurance and freight
    出口信贷 export credit  
    出口津贴 export subsidy  
    商品倾销 dumping  
    外汇倾销 exchange dumping  
    优惠关税 special preferences  
    保税仓库 bonded warehouse  
    贸易顺差 favorable balance of trade  
    贸易逆差 unfavorable balance of trade  
    进口配额制 import quotas  
    自由贸易区 free trade zone  
    对外贸易值 value of foreign trade  
    国际贸易值 value of international trade  
    普遍优惠制 generalized system of preferences-GSP  
    最惠国待遇 most-favored nation treatment-MFNT  
    租船charter (the chartered ship)  
    交货时间 time of delivery  
    定程租船voyage charter;  
    装运期限time of shipment    
    定期租船time charter  
    托运人(一般指出口商)shipper, consignor  
    班轮regular shipping liner  
    舱位shipping space       
    报关clearance of goods   
    陆运收据cargo receipt  
    提货to take delivery of goods  
    空运提单airway bill      
    正本提单original B\L  
    选择港(任意港)optional port        
    选港费optional charges  
    选港费由买方负担 optional charges to be borne by the Buyers optional charges for Buyers account  
    一月份装船 shipment during January January shipment  
    一月底装船 shipment not later than Jan.31st.shipment on or before Jan.31st.  
    /二月份装船 shipment during Jan./Feb. Jan./Feb. shipment  
    ......(时间)分两批装船 shipment during....in two lots  
    ......(时间)平均分两批装船 shipment during....in two equal lots  
    分三个月装运 in three monthly shipments  
    分三个月,每月平均装运 in three equal monthly shipments  
    立即装运 immediate shipments  
    即期装运 prompt shipments  
    收到信用证后30天内装运 shipments within 30 days after receipt of L/C  
    不允许分批装船 partial shipment not allowed / partial shipment not permitted
    允许分批装船 partial shipment not unacceptable  
 订单 indent        
    订货;订购 book; booking  
    电复 cable reply
    实盘 firm offer  
    递盘 bid; bidding   
    递实盘 bid firm  
    还盘 counter offer    
    发盘(发价) offer  
    发实盘 offer firm     
    询盘(询价) inquiry; enquiry  
  指示性价格 price indication  
    速复 reply immediately  
    参考价 reference price  
    习惯做法 usual practice  
    交易磋商 business negotiation       
    不受约束 without engagement  
    业务洽谈 business discussion  
    ** subject to reply **  
    * *复到 subject to reply reaching here **  
    有效期限 time of validity    
    有效至**: valid till **  
    购货合同 purchase contract    
    销售合同 sales contract  
    购货确认书 purchase confirmation  
    销售确认书 sales confirmation        
    一般交易条件 general terms and conditions  
    以未售出为准 subject to prior sale  
    需经卖方确认 subject to sellers confirmation  
    需经我方最后确认 subject to our final confirmation  
INT (拍卖auction)       
    招标invitation of tender  
    投标submission of tender  
    总代理人general agent  
    代理协议agency agreement  
    累计佣金accumulative commission  
    补偿贸易compensation trade  
    (或抵偿贸易)compensating/compensatory trade  
    (又叫:往返贸易) counter trade  
    来料加工processing on giving materials  
    来料装配assembling on provided parts  
    独家经营/专营权exclusive right  
    独家经营/包销/代理协议exclusivity agreement  
    独家代理 sole agency; sole agent; exclusive agency; exclusive agent  

品质 quality      

  原样 original sample  

规格 specifications    
   复样 duplicate sample  

说明 description    

对等样品 counter sample  

 标准 standard type   

参考样品 reference sample  

商品目录 catalogue   
   封样 sealed sample  
    宣传小册 pamphlet     
   公差 tolerance  
    货号 article No.    
   花色(搭配) assortment  
    样品 sample 5%     
   增减 5% plus or minus  
    代表性样品 representative sample  
    大路货(良好平均品质)fair average quality  


反倾销税(Anti-dumping Duties
从价关税(Ad Valorem Duties
单方面转移收支(Balance of Unilateral Transfers  
多种汇率(Multiple Rates of Exchange  
反补贴税(Counter Vailing Duties
从价(Ad Valorem
出厂价格(Cost Price
从量税(Specific Duty
初级产品(Primary Commodity
初级产品的价格(The Price of Primang Products
出口补贴(Export Subsidies
出口动物产品检疫(Quarantine of Export Animal products
出口管制(Export Control
出口税(Export Duty
保护关税(Protective Tariff
保税制度(Bonded System
布鲁塞尔估价定义(Brussels Definition of Value BDV
差别关税(Differential Duties
差价关税(Variable Import Levies
产品对产品减税方式(Product by Product Reduction of Tariff
超保护贸易政策(Policy of Super-protection
出口退税(Export Rebates
出口信贷(Export Finance
出口限制(Export Restriction
出口信贷国家担保制(Export credit Guarantee)
出口许可证(Export Licence
储备货币(Reserve Currency
处于发展初级阶段(In the Early Stages of Development
处理剩余产品的指导原则(The Guiding Principle of Dealing With the Surplus Agricultural Products
关税(Customs Duty
关税和贸易总协定(The General Agreement On Tariffs And Trade  
关税合作理事会(Customs Co-operation Council  
关税减让(Tariff Concession  
关税配额(Tariff Quota  
关税升级(Tariff Escalation  
关税水平(Tariff Level  
关税同盟(Customs Union  
关税和贸易总协定秘书处(Secretariat of GATT  
国际价格(International Price  
约束税率(Bound Rate)  
自主关税(Autonomous Tariff)  
最惠国税率(The Most-favored-nation Rate of Duty)  
优惠差额(Margin of Preference)  
优惠税率(Preferential Rate)  


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